Карабахская война 2020 года и будущая внешняя политика и политика безопасности Армении (Белая книга)

The 2020 September war highlighted a number of weak areas in Armenia’s position and policies. It also invited The publication of a number of essays and papers that analyze these issues, while others offer recommendations for future policy. Now, after eight months of research and extensive consultations, a new study has appeared as a White Paper, that […]

История может повториться

In the summer of 1942, Stalingrad, situated on the banks of the river Volga, was under siege. The German army was dropping fire and iron on the city. The destroyed and besieged city put up resistance with almost exhausted ammunition. At that point, the Soviets had no hope of resisting. The Nazis bombarded and destroyed […]

Бомбардировка за мир - озадачен и измучен

We, humans, consider ourselves the most intelligent among the animal species. Yet, the question arises, are we intelligent at all? We are killing our brothers and destroying our own world, endangered by the climate change, with bombs, rockets and miles-long military vehicles… “Bombing for Peace” was back in 1999, when NATO forces were shelling Serbia […]

Кризис лидерства

Three Armenian community events took place last February in France that were supposed to be indicators of the vitality of the French Community. Yet, on the contrary, they demonstrated the deplorable state of its representative bodies. Sadly, the situation of the Armenian community in France reflects that of the Diaspora and the Nation as a […]

Наследие покойного посла Рубена Шугаряна

Writing after the Velvet Revolution but before the 2020 War, Ambassador Rouben Shougarian, who passed away at the young age of 57 in early 2020, wrote,“What Armenia had failed to fully accomplish before the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation with Russia was signed in 1997 can still be fulfilled, provided the same mistakes are not […]


“We are sick; We are sick nationwide and suffer from mediocrity, the mediocrity of our literature, publicity, clergy, education, charity and especially management and diplomacy…. Our parties still have not perceived that they are not capable and have no right to pursue the Armenian Cause alone, if, of course, the first and the only goal […]