Следующий день, 25 апреля

On April 25th, which marks the day after April 24th, every Armenian, for the last hundred years or more, continues their daily life feeling regenerated, inspired, and victorious in their minds. Far from the border of the homeland, some Armenians burned the Turkish flag and set fire to the flag of the more recent “enemy,” […]

О чем велись переговоры и чего требовало международное сообщество до отставки Тер-Петросяна?

Declassified State-Department documents Below extracts from the Azatutyun’s “Ter-Petrosyan’s 1997 resignation” article, including insightful US state department documents.The recently declassified documents come to confirm that the 2020 war was lost in 1997 due to one person’s lack of insightfulness, which as of then, marginalized Armenia.Indeed, had peace been achieved in 1997, today Armenia would be […]

Объединение стратегических намерений всех армян

Wrong actions, even if well-intended, can lead to a national catastrophe and probably accelerate our exit from history. The challenge is to identify the strengths that have led to our past successes and to contextualize them within our current times and the setting of recent global geopolitical movements that we are witnessing. The policy alternatives […]

Пересмотр отношений с диаспорой

Relations between Armenia and the Diaspora need more comprehensive and in-depth cooperation. They are currently based on a one way monologue of “I speak, you listen” rather than open dialogue.However, since Pashinian came to power, this “Global Armenian Assembly” is the first serious attempt to redefine relations with the Diaspora. Below is an extract from […]

Армянская диаспора Франции и настоятельная необходимость реформ

While the Western Society has evolved towards non-partisan and secular participative democracy structures, Armenian communities in these same countries have maintained their archaic structures.Below extracts from Daniel Kurkjian’s article suggesting a much needed societal model for the Armenian Diaspora communities, starting with the community in France. The situation is serious! Let us observe that the […]

Победы единства

“What we have lost in the course of 1000 years, we will not be able to gain within months or even a few years. We will have to pay not only our bill but also the bill of our grandfathers.The enemy is strong, ambitious and connected with foreign great powers, right-wing and left-wing. Our enemy […]

Выживет ли армянская нация?

An article written in the mid 1960’s, which has not aged “Sphinx, hey Sphinx, reclined mysteriously in the triangle of three pyramids, look, I am Armenian, my father has infused a pinch of blood in my veins from mounts of Sasun. I have been suffering from an Armenian pain since my youth, which has now […]

Саммит Диаспора-Армения

Sarkis Shahinian is the general secretary of the Switzerland-Armenia parliamentary friendship group. Below are the highlights of issues concerning the Diaspora-Armenia Summit Mr. Shahinian tackles in his interview to 1in.am. The Global Armenia Summit to be held at the end of October by the office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs. It will foresee […]