Avedikian Serge

Country of birth: Arménie

Country: France

Practiced languages: EA, Fr, En

Field of Influence:  Actor, Director, Writer, and Producer

Positions held: Cofounder of Armenian Audiovisual Association, Professor at the Paris Conservatory


Serge Avedikian is a French Armenian film and theater actor, director, writer, and producer born in Yerevan, in 1955.

After finishing his studies at the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Meudon (France), he initiated his collaboration  with the students of the Paris Conservatory. With his fellow filmmaker Jacques Kébadian and Georges Kiledjian, he created the Armenian Audiovisual Association (A.A.A.).

Between 1981 and 1988, several documentary films on Armenian memory were aired on French television, and between 1984 and 1988, he introduced the French public and film critics to a number of Armenian filmmakers: Henrik Malian, Sergei Parajanov, Artavazd Pelechian, and others, as well as filmmakers of the diaspora: Atom Egoyan, Arby Ovanessian, Nigol Bezjian.


Avedikian is also one of the recipients of the Short Film Palme d’Or, which is the highest prize given to a short film at the Cannes Film Festival.




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