AEF Funds Computer Labs for Displaced Students at Shushi Technological University in Stepanakert

In collaboration with the Shushi Technological University, the Armenian Educational Foundation (AEF) has donated $20,000 to provide brand new equipment and learning materials to students displaced from Shushi following the 44-day war. The center has been furnished with state-of-the-art furniture, printers, computers, projectors, speakers and more. Additionally, employees of the center also received brand new laptops. Throughout its 71 years of service, AEF has consistently recognized the importance of the IT sector in Artsakh. In May 2013, AEF provided $100,000 to a four-year Computer Information Systems (CIS) degree program at Stepanakert State University, $200,000 to the school’s Women’s Dormitory and $80,000 in funding to eight Armath Engineering Laboratories in Artsakh village schools over the years. AEF aims to bring students closer to quality and meaningful learning by collaborating with Shushi Technological University to provide them with modern technology and the capacity to research a variety of subjects.

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