“Karaberd House”, Breathing New Life into the Village of Karaberd, Lori

“Karaberd House” is a project focusing on revitalizing the village of Karaberd, a sparsely populated place in the Lori region of Armenia, located around ten kilometers from Armenia’s third-largest city Vanadzor. Four young people; Vache, Harout, Arakel, and Ani, launched the “Karaberd House” project through various fundraisings, having an objective to attract the youth back into this village. Rural areas like Karaberd, where there are no businesses or work opportunities, where inhabitants suffer from electricity cuts and sometimes water shortages are in urgent need of such projects to prevent from being emptied. Each house built in Karaberd costs $300. Donating to the building of a house grants benefactors the opportunity to stay in that house during a given time throughout the year. The fundraisers also helped to buy a big house in the village, which became a guesthouse to accommodate visitors.

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