Women’s Fund Armenia Supporting Teen Girls In Armenia

Women’s Fund Armenia (WFA) has launched its teen girl campaign, which provides grants to young girls aged 14 to 21 in Armenia, with consideration to applicants in border communities where there are few options and limited opportunities. WFA’s support of teen projects helps build self-confidence and initiative. These grants also foster entrepreneurship as the teenagers become stewards of the money and take ownership of the success of the project. 
Grants are given to project proposals in the areas of STEM and IT related fields; art and creative initiatives; economic resilience; and sexual and reproductive health and rights. Each grant is for $2,000; half of the funds are provided at the start and half provided mid-way after interim reports and updates are submitted. A final narrative and financial report are also required. The grant recipients also receive training and mentorship throughout their project and are welcome to join all future workshops and seminars. 

Check out the full report on Armenian Weekly.



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