$27 Million in Funding to Armenian Startups through Orion Worldwide Innovations

Orion Worldwide Innovations helped several Armenian startups receive investments totaling $27 million to support the growth of their companies. The investment money came from companies, angel investors, and fundraisers operating in the U.S., Europe, and other parts of the world. Additional $20 million deals are currently being closed. The money is being fundraised for startups in SaaS, AI, HealthTech, and E-commerce.

Orion is the leading founding partner of BAJ Accelerator. Their portfolio includes 75 companies, out of which 34 are Armenian startups. Through its more than 50 international experts from various institutions, Orion supports these startups and helps them evolve in the market. Currently, Orion has launched “The Armenian Code Academy,” a five-month machine learning training course, after which the most promising graduates will have the opportunity to be hired by these startup companies.

“We wanted to invest our international experience and connections for the accelerated development of Armenia and Armenian startups,” said Emma Arakelyan, CEO and Founder of Orion. Orion is a U.S.-based company formed in 2017, with offices in New York City, U.S., and Yerevan, Armenia.

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