DiasporArm’s Vision for Armenian Unity and Empowerment

Hovel Chenorhokian, the founder of DiasporArm, recently traveled to the USA and Canada for exclusive interactive roundtable events. These events were gatherings of independent minds focused on two key projects aimed at empowering Armenia and Armenians worldwide.

During his trip, Chenorhokian had meetings in Los Angeles on June 8, 2024, co-organized with the Armenian Studies Program at California State University, Northridge; in New Jersey on June 14, 2024, hosted by Hovnanian School; and in Montreal on June 18, 2024, co-organized with the Bolsahay Cultural Center.

At these events, Chenorhokian introduced the innovative “Mapping the Diaspora” project, designed to explore and connect the wealth of talent and opportunities within the global Armenian community. This initiative aims to harness the collective potential of Armenians worldwide, creating a powerful network that benefits both the diaspora and Armenia.

Chenorhokian also discussed “The Diaspora Youth & Perspectives,” a project focused on nurturing generations of successful Armenians with significant influence in media, science, economics, and politics. This project emphasizes engaging with top government officials in Western countries and achieving its goals through cooperation among the nation’s active forces.

The discussions generated significant interest, with several valuable individuals from different sectors committing to turning these projects into actionable steps.
The roundtables concluded with a series of meetings in Armenia, which ended in the first week of July, further solidifying the commitment to these initiatives.


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