Engineering City of Yerevan prospering

The Engineering City complex in the Nor Nork section of Yerevan, was first established with a few high-tech companies coming together to promote high tech in Armenia. In 2016-2017, the Engineering City campus was established as part of a public-private partnership funded by the Armenian government, the World Bank, investors and the private business sector. Currently, 14 companies have facilities there, including companies from Armenia, Canada and the US. Industries that are particularly sought include advanced automotive electronics, wireless communication, radio frequency electronics, industrial electronics, manufacturing technology, aerospace and education technologies.
Companies meeting certain criteria will have an opportunity to receive donations of land to establish an office with access to Engineering City’s lab and manufacturing facilities.
Besides the museum and production facilities, Engineering City offers tuition-free business, management and technology courses at an on-site branch of the State Engineering University (Polytechnic Institute). High school graduates, if they wish, can continue their engineering or scientific education at the Polytechnic Institute.
The goal is to facilitate the rapid development of exportable products, facilitate the manufacturing process, and create 10,000 good-paying jobs. Recent news from Engineering City indicated that engineers developed a system to evaluate electronic control systems used in electric vehicles. This equipment, developed in Armenia, is ready for deployment to markets in Europe and Asia.


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