France and Ireland have demanded Azerbaijan to reopen the Berdzor corridor at the UN Security Council

At the UN Security Council, held on 20 December 2022, the blockaded road of Artsakh was discussed.
France’s Deputy Representative to the UN, Nathalie Broadhurst Estival, called for the unconditional restoration of movement and supplies to Artsakh along the Berdzor (Lachin) corridor, in both directions, as well as respect for the rights of the people residing there.

“The commitments undertaken in the trilateral statement on the ceasefire of 9 November 2020 must be implemented”, she stressed. She also called for immediate, free and unhindered access for humanitarian organisations and UN agencies to the populations concerned.

“Alongside the European Union, France will continue to promote dialogue between Armenia and Azerbaijan and will support the efforts to make progress on all subjects under negotiation, including the draft peace treaty, delimitation of the border, humanitarian issues, and the opening of channels of communication”, she concluded.

Ireland՛s Deputy Representative to the UN, Martin Gallagher, called on the Council to do everything it can to prevent another human-made catastrophe emerging on its watch.
“Ireland supports a negotiated, comprehensive and sustainable settlement of the conflict, including on the long-term status of Nagorno-Karabakh. We maintain our full support to the international format of the OSCE Minsk Group, as well as EU’s active engagement, to pursue this objective”, he stated.


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