From velvet to errors

Four years ago, following the “velvet revolution” Armenia was a model of democracy. The respect and sympathy the country had garnered is now being exhausted. Any human being as well as soldiers and political leaders can fail and learn from it. Currently in the case of Armenia we are witnessing a desire to repeat mistakes instead of being wiser and more diplomatic in order to strengthen the structures of the State and its army. The parliamentary opposition and some factions have been demonstrating on the public roads of Yerevan, disrupting public order and traffic for weeks. One can note that the demonstrators’ only goal is the resignation of the executive power without proposing neither a precise program nor a replacement leadership. For four years the opposition has spent most of its time in the streets rather than on the benches of Parliament. The number of demonstrators does not exceed 10 to 12 thousand and the population, exhausted by the war and its repercussions, aspires to social peace and, although disappointed with power, does not join the opposition, perceived as heir to the old corrupt regime. Our enemies are delighted with this state of the political scene and in the first place Aliev, whose fall was prevented because of Armenia’s defeat in the 44 days war. And he threatens not only Syunik but also the territory of the Armenian Republic. As for us, instead of fighting the Turkish-Azeri propaganda and their fake news, we spread out our dirty laundry in front of the world.”


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