In Armenia’s Biotech Boom, Remarkable Women Are Leading The Way

Marina Aghayan is an embodiment of her country’s ambitions in biotechnology – and a reflection of its grit. She is the founder of AIP Scientific, a bioengineering firm that produces customized orthopedic implants, which uses 3D printing and biodegradable materials that promote new bone growth.
Aghayan is part of the vanguard of biotech entrepreneurs aiming to build a production hub for niche products, innovative software, and mathematical models in Armenia.

In the quietly emerging ecosystem of companies and educational initiatives, many of the standout founders are women like her, representing a blend of technical skill and exceptional determination.

According to the Armenian Bioinformatics Institute, 60% to 70% of professionals in biotech are women (compared to an estimated 47% in biotech companies worldwide). And they are positioning Armenia’s biotech sector for growth.

Check out the full report on Public Radio of Armenia.


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