Only Russia can unblock the Artsakh corridor: Armenian MP

Andranik Kocharyan, lawmaker from Armenia’s ruling Civil Contract party and the Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission on Defence and National Security, believes that only Russia can open the Berdzor (Lachin) Corridor; the sole route connecting Artsakh to Armenia that Azerbaijan has blocked for over 2 weeks.
According to Kocharyan, the goal of the Armenian side is to implement the Trilateral Statement of November 9, 2020, between the leaders of Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan. These agreements, he said, establish the obligations of the Russian Armed Forces to ensure the smooth operation of the Lachin Corridor. He stressed that it was necessary to understand what they have implemented so far, and what has changed now.
“Russia has multi-level interests with Azerbaijan, but it is more important for Russia to have its own armed forces in the region – in Artsakh and Armenia”, Kocharyan said in an interview with the Public TV of Armenia on December 27.
Kocharyan also noted that restoring the military balance in the region is necessary, the violation of which led to the war in April 2016 and in the fall of 2020. This must be restrained if there is a desire to establish peace in the Caucasus – and peace and stability are necessary for Iran, Russia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.


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