‘Risk of new war’ With Azerbaijan Looming, Most Armenians Say


“Do you see a risk of new war in Artsakh?” is the difficult question Armenians are finding themselves increasingly having to answer, using the name for Nagorno-Karabakh that most Armenians prefer. According to a new survey conducted last month by the Caucasus Research Resource Center, only 22% answered no. Many Armenians believe another war will break out over Artsakh— within one year from now (18%), within five years (13%) or within ten years or after (5%). Moreover, a plurality of those polled (24%) responded that “the war had not finished.” The poll, commissioned by CivilNet, asked respondents extensive questions about the situation in Artsakh, among other topics. Overall, 78% of those polled said the next step to resolving the conflict was “the return of prisoners, then everything else.” Every other possible answer, such as “clarify the status” of the disputed territory, received support from 5% of respondents or fewer. (Last week, a plane thought to be bringing Armenian prisoners of war home turned out empty upon arrival to Yerevan, prompting widespread outrage in Armenia.) To read the full story, check out the link below to the article of Hetq.

Source: https://www.civilnet.am/…/risk-of-new-war-with…/…


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