Saving Syunik: The Inception and Execution of KorniTun

All for Armenia, an organization committed to the wellbeing, stability and future of the homeland, was created at the beginning of the 2020 war, akin to Miaseen, out of urgent need. The organization is helmed by Matthieu and Araz Sahakian, both diasporans who repatriated to Armenia. During and following the war, over fifty volunteers from ten different countries came together under All for Armenia to provide food and necessities to approximately 1,000 families in the border villages of Armenia that connect us to Artsakh. The challenge of traveling to and from the border sowed the seeds of KorniTun, a place for volunteers to stay and a place to provide education to the youth. All for Armenia swiftly bought a building with support from the AYO Asso and partnered with Miaseen to execute their vision. The community center, KorniTun, will function as an education and technology center on the first floor, with lodging on the second floor for volunteers. Local children and young adults will have access to workshops that equip them with skills to provide for themselves and their families in the future, while also having a community hub to turn to in times of need. Kornidzor has strategical importance as the last road that remains toward Artsakh, one of the three villages before the Lachin Corridor. Securing borders means preventing depopulation, and we can prevent that by fostering hope and opportunity there, says Matthieu Sahakian.


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