What should unite us, Armenians?

Tհroughout history there have been many factors to unite the people: religion, language, literature, our past and historical events. Our heroes, their exploits and the myths created in their name, defeats and victories have also been a great factor in uniting the people. In this quick review, it was hoped that the independence of Armenia and the victory of the Artsakh war would be the best factors uniting the Armenians. Unfortunately, that did not happen. And, behold, one of the most important reasons for the second Artsakh war and the defeat can be seen in the internal fragmentation among the Armenians. And after the loss the internal divisions have reached dangerous levels.

When we look at other peoples; Palestinians, Kurds, Yezidis, etc., it becomes clear that the only guarantee of a nation, its protection and continuity is the STATE. Stateless peoples are subjected to violence, genocide and the threat of extinction. Therefore, at present, our holiness is our STATE. Authorities are temporary, and the state and statehood are eternal. This should be our vision and perspective. There is no other way to ensure the salvation of the Armenian people. Our parties, politicians, hope it doesn’t sound hard to hear that even our church and rulers of the thrones are not sacred at all.

For the survival of our people, the only sacred thing today and for a long time is our STATE!

Check the full original article in Armenian on http://diasporarm.org/hyw/portfolio/what-should-unite-us-armenians/


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