AIM Gives the Gift of Hearing to Children and Adults

In October 2021, the Armenian International Medical (AIM) Fund completed its 22nd medical mission to Armenia. The participant medical experts succeeded in giving the gift of hearing to children and young adults in Armenia for the second time in 2021. During this mission, ten children received cochlear implants and began hearing for the first time. The same procedure also restored an adult’s hearing. Moreover, AIM Fund operated on two soldiers from the recent war in Artsakh.

10-month-old Razmik Gevorgyan became the youngest cochlear implant recipient in Armenia. Razmik’s mother, Marine Gevorgyan, said, “Words alone are not enough to express my gratitude…Thanks to them, my Razmik can now hear the world.”

In 2021, AIM Fund completed two medical missions and marked another milestone by implanting 24 children and young adults in one year. Since 2004, through their ongoing dedication and commitment, over 150 children and young adults have joined the hearing world through cochlear implant (CI) surgery.

The Armenian International Medical Fund, formed in May 2003, tries to create, support, and maintain innovative healthcare programs in Armenia.

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