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Armenia will never provide an extraterritorial corridor to Azerbaijan: RA MFA

Armenia will never agree to the provision of an extraterritorial corridor to Azerbaijan, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Vahan Hunanyan stated on January 12.
Hunanyan’s comments came in response to remarks from Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, who, while admitting that there is no mention of a corridor in the Trilateral Statements, threatened that “the corridor will be there, regardless of whether Armenia agrees to it or not”.
“Armenia has repeatedly stated about being interested in opening all transport and economic infrastructures in the region in line with the November 9 Statement. We are ready to promptly implement this within the framework of the national legislation, within the frames of the agreements reached on maintaining the sovereignty of the countries and jurisdiction over the roads. Armenia will never agree to the provision of an extraterritorial corridor”, the spokesperson said.
“It is welcomed that the leadership of Azerbaijan finally frankly stated that the claims made about the so-called corridor have nothing to do with the Trilateral Statement of November 9. The Statement mentions only one – the Lachin Corridor, which Azerbaijan has illegally blocked for more than a month”, he concluded.
Azerbaijan and Turkey have on multiple occasions raised the question about the “Zangezur Corridor” through the southern Armenian province of Syunik that would connect Nakhichevan to the rest of Azerbaijan. The Armenian side, however, has repeatedly denied being involved in negotiations to provide a corridor to Azerbaijan, stressing that they have only agreed to unblock transport communications in the region.



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