Bangladesh Armenian Church

The Armenian Church in Dhaka, Bangladesh was built in 1781, and although it is not yet recognised as an official heritage site by UNESCO, the church holds an enormous amount of cultural history and legacy.
Two hundred and forty two years ago a small community came together and the foundations of the church were laid. Two hundred and forty two years later it still stands. A testament to the Armenian communities throughout those years whose lives were centred around this Christian place of worship. More recently, in the 1990s, it came within a hair’s breadth of permanent ruin and destruction. But for one stubborn, tenacious yet wholly remarkable Armenian, Mr. Michael Martin, the church would have become history itself; something you could have read about in books, but not seen for yourself. The church has been able to put that difficult period in the past solely because of the rescue and actions of Mr. Martin. The present Warden and committee are using that legacy to ensure the continuation of the church and are all focused on the long-term goals of preservation, conservation, education and most important of all an Armenian legacy in this part of Asia like no other.


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