CFTJ establishes an educational partnership with Artsakh State University

The Centre for Truth and Justice (CFTJ) is a US-based non-profit, apolitical, independent organisation formed in November 2020, immediately following the 44-Day War in Artsakh.
The CFTJ has gathered evidence of the war crimes and recorded witness and victim statements through forensic investigations on-site and elsewhere since September 2020.
The organisation has provided the relevant information to a European third party, transferring the extensive files to their respective national judicial and law enforcement authorities for a criminal investigation of these international crimes against the citizens of Artsakh and Armenia.
In the midst of a blockade, the CFTJ establishes an educational partnership between the University of Iowa and Artsakh State University.
The organisation is proud to announce the realisation of this collaboration – a direct outcome of the 2022 international human rights conference organised by the CFTJ in Yerevan, Armenia.
“Our purpose is to connect faculty and students on issues regarding human rights and social justice in conflict zones worldwide. We look forward to learning about and from Artsakh as the partnership grows”, said Dean Ganim of the University of Iowa.


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