Chairman of Council of Armenians in France Affirms Readiness to Support the Government of the Republic of Armenia

During a meeting with RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on April 27, the Chairman of the Council of Armenians of France, Daniel Kurkdjian, announced the council’s readiness to support the Republic of Armenia’s development initiatives, including the implementation of the nationwide agenda and democratic reforms. Kurkdjian, who also serves as the Honorary Chairman of Grant Thornton Armenia Company, emphasized the council’s commitment to contributing to Armenia’s progress.

In response, Prime Minister Pashinyan welcomed the council’s involvement and noted the importance of strengthening Armenia-Diaspora relations and promoting partnership. Kurkdjian expressed gratitude for the prime minister’s support and highlighted the programs implemented by the council.

The two parties discussed potential areas of cooperation, with the prime minister underlining the government’s active work with the Office of the Chief Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs.


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