Gagarin: A New Visionary Valley of Eden in Armenia

MVRDV has announced its plans to transform an existing valley in Armenia into a base for sustainable agriculture and ecotourism. Gagarin valley is already inhabited by around 11,000 inhabitants across several villages, but this ambitious masterplan will add 12,000 new housing units, 10,000 plant species, and a host of innovative facilities such as a spherical building for agricultural education at the heart of the valley. The massive project was commissioned by the armenian non-profit organisation DAR foundation for regional development and competitiveness, and MVRDV’s proposal was unveiled on Tuesday (january 11th, 2022) to Armenian government officials. The goal of this project is to make the valley an attractive destination for both future residents and ecotourists—in line with armenia’s aim to attract 2.5 million tourists a year by 2026.


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