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Since Azerbaijan began its disruption of electricity and gas supply to Artsakh on January 9, the Sarsang reservoir, which is a vital source of water resources for the region, has lost much of its volume. Artsakh’s reliance on only six hydroelectric power stations, with Sarsang accounting for 70% of the total capacity, has led to daily blackouts and forced domestic electricity generation. Furthermore, the ongoing crisis has caused severe humanitarian and environmental problems, including the drying up of springs, decline of flora and fauna, and deterioration of the microclimate.
The Sarsang Reservoir was used for irrigating also the agricultural lands of Azerbaijan (around 96K hectares). Making artificial energy crisis, Az also deprives its own population of the opportunity to receive enough irrigation water from Sarsang during the hot summer months.
With the water resources of the Sarsang Reservoir now reaching a critical limit, it is imperative that a resolution be reached to prevent a full-blown humanitarian catastrophe.



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