The Next Day, April 25

On April 25th, which marks the day after April 24th, every Armenian, for the last hundred years or more, continues their daily life feeling regenerated, inspired, and victorious in their minds.

Far from the border of the homeland, some Armenians burned the Turkish flag and set fire to the flag of the more recent “enemy,” invoking memories of Van, Mush, Sassoun, and Shushi. We say, “Bravo, guys! You lifted people’s spirits by creating the illusion of defeating the enemy. With your inspiring speech, you sent them home.” In this course, some individuals called the head of the state, the Prime Minister, a traitor, and a land giver, and mercilessly stoned him.

It’s understandable that the trauma of the genocide has led to a culture of inspiration and hero worship among Armenians. Over time, the ease of being inspired has become a defining trait of Armenians, and it is a concern that this might soon become a part of the Armenian genome.

When inspired, we cheer the victories of Armenian athletes, the presence of an Armenian surname at the end of a movie, or an invention by an Armenian scientist. However, when we don’t find anything new, we return to the brave deeds of the Armenian freedom fighters and overlook the present and future issues that the Armenian nation faces.

Will we, as a nation, recover? Will we be able to give up our arrogant and rhetorical behavior that sometimes divides and weakens us? Instead, can we work hard in silence toward our collective goals? We have until next April 24th to make progress; otherwise, time will pass, and Armenians will not only lose years but also see the memory of the Genocide fade with each passing year.

Krikor Kradjian
April 2023

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