Stand With Armenia

Dr. Arsene Mekinian, a Parisian doctor, professor and founder of Santé Arménie (an organization contributing to Armenia’s healthcare) together with Philippe POUX, the president of the G2IA (a group of French Armenian professionals), founded the “StandWithArmenia” groups on Discord and WhatsApp. Assembling a competent team, they coordinate hundreds of participants on across social media platforms.

Members consistently share a handful of tweets relating to Armenia and Artsakh, and write individually to journalists, NGOs, MPs and Senators of security issues related to Armenia and Artsakh. The coordinated tweets and retweets of StandWithArmenia influence the algorithms so that the original content reaches greater audiences. Their conscientious work amplifies its reach and is already quantifiable. Hashtags such as #azerigasisrussian had thousands of re-tweets in one day; #Artsakh trended multiple times in France. We believe the StandWithArmenia initiative has strongly impacted the French media which widely covers the Lachin Corridor blockade, as well as on French politicians on different levels for their statements in favor of Armenia.

DiasporArm will build on StandWithArmenia by bringing together existing groups under a single brand with coordinated strategy, and with the participation of leaders in different countries, form an alliance together with a common base of content and flexibility adapting to each country/culture/language.

As a first step, DiasporArm has linked ZAD, the Armenian Council in Germany with the StandWithArmenia initiative who have already active. Other countries will follow.

We also met in Armenia with Seyran Yaylakhanyan of the “Menq” Facebook group with over 72,000 members, which raises funds for missions such as healthcare, veterans etc. We will connect their activism within Armenia, with the groups in the diaspora such as “Stand with Armenia”, to mutually support activism globally.

We often hear frustration in Armenia and through the Diaspora that there isn’t a strong call to action, people don’t know how to help or participate. This is due to the lack of trustworthy and decisive leadership. Establishing this federation with consistent activity can be a unifying force of action of the global Armenian community.

To join the WhatsApp group for daily actions, and to suggest other activist groups to connect with Stand For Armenia, please contact


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