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The Call

With the concern of the Sustainability of the Diaspora and the consolidation of the states of Armenia and Artsakh, DiasporArm aims to establish a global, well financed platform, emanating from the people, to make use of the significant available active and inactive resources of the Diaspora, coordinate its actions, support new initiatives and optimize existing efforts.

The vision and mission of DiasporArm is primarily economic, educational, cultural and social. It will refrain from any political or religious orientation.

We call upon those who have faith, are devoted and who hierarchize the Armenian interests above the partisan and the personal, to join, support, disseminate and participate in building up of DiasporArm. 



Through its multilevel and multilingual media platform composed of a website with space for debate, podcasts, videos & photos, its Social Media pages, DiasporArm tends to reach the youth on their wavelengths, the “disengaged” Armenians as well as the “lost and the hidden” Armenians in Turkey



DiasporArm offers a pan-Armenian platform independent from any organization or state, for people of different cultures, generations, origins and ideological/political currents. We create bridges and interactions among different Diaspora communities, and with the homeland, revealing the existence and caring for each community, even the tiny ones.



From Sidney to Los Angeles, passing by Moscow and Buenos Aires, the Diaspora is endowed with talents, rich with their competences, connections and means. DiasporArm will identify and mobilize those Talents giving a coordinated direction for the benefit of the Nation. Inspired by successful examples, the DiasporArm network will contribute to the progress and well-being of its members and their respective Armenian Communities.

Armenian Students' Network


The Armenian Students’ Network (ASN) bridges Armenian students across the globe, acting on three networking stratums; Students, Educators and Entrepreneurs.

Beyond helping our students, the ASN aims at preparing an elite, a generation of leaders and successful, influential members of society targeting excellence.