Artsakh Under Blockade

This is 14-year-old Davit from Stepanakert. He has been delivering bread to shops on foot for four days as a volunteer with his friends. Due to the lack of fuel, the factories are not able to provide bread to the shops, so there are queues for bread. Young volunteers from Artsakh deliver bread to some […]

Chronicles of Perseverance

Hnarti Cultural Platform is thrilled to be organizing “Chronicles of Perseverance”, a film screening event in collaboration with Haigazian University, taking place in the university’s auditorium (Beirut, Lebanon), between July 28 and August 11, 2023.⠀“Chronicles of Perseverance” is a seven-day-screening event celebrating the resilience of the Armenian people and their unwavering spirit to preserve the […]

The Biggest Female Innovation Conference In Armenia and In The Region

The FemInno Conference 2023, the largest female innovation conference in the region, is set to take place on July 29-30. It’s one-of-a-kind festivity that celebrates, showcases, and empowers women in business, science, and technology Armenia will be featured as a new innovative hub for powerful female talent and leadership.The FemInno Conference 2023 aims to engage […]

A Precarious Armenia: The Third Republic, the Karabakh Conflict, and Genocide Politics

BOOK LAUNCH WHAT: Book Launch, Zoom Event, with Dr. Gerard LibaridianWHEN: Sunday, 2 July 2023TIME: Yerevan 10.00 pm ; Paris 8.00 pm; London 7.00 pm; New York 2.00 pm ; Los Angeles 11.00 amZOOM LINK:–qqj0jHN0J1o4KDWd5bqTA5AnYTrK9?fbclid=IwAR2xNzJhWiQwuSilZD-JmgepKz3SqQjzThTsKgyR_7pCFoKWL8M6VVi_Cxo#/registrationDETAILS: A presentation followed by a discussion with Dr. Gerard Libaridian, a respected academic, former adviser to the president of […]

The Current Status of Libraries in Armenia

Bilingual Online Lecture Evening Organised by the Diocese of the Armenian Church of Australia and New Zealand TOPIC: “The Current Status of Libraries in Armenia with a Focus on the ‘National Library’, ‘Mesrop Mashtots Library’, ‘Fundamental Scientific Library of the National Academy of Sciences’, Holy Etchmiadzin’s ‘Vache and Tamar Manoukian Library’, as well as the […]

Missak MANOUCHIAN in the Panthéon

A statement signed by Adrien Vahakn SAGE, President of Laïcité et République Sociale and member of UNITE LAIQUE celebrates Missak Manouchian’s inclusion in the Panthéon, representing foreign contributions to the French Republic. UNITE LAIQUE’s efforts in advocating for Manouchian’s place are acknowledged, overcoming resistance to uphold universal secular values. This achievement stands against divisive ideologies […]

Yeghegnut: A Storied Past and Current Challenges in Artsakh’s History

Yeghegnut (Yegheknut in the local dialect) is one of the ancient settlements of the Tsar province of Artsakh, Greater Armenia.Yeghegnut church, according to preserved record and tradition, was built by Arzu Khatun, who played a major role in the construction of Dadi monastery, and who was the wife of Prince Vakhtang of Verin Khachen (Tsar).In […]

Tavitian Scholar Program at the Fletcher School calls for applications for the 2023 program

Since 1999, the collaboration between the Tavitian Foundation and Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University has granted nearly 300 Armenian young professionals six months of advanced training at the Fletcher School. Armenian government professionals are selected by the Foundation from a highly-competitive applicant pool. These Tavitian Scholars travel from Armenia to Boston […]