Switzerland Allocated USD 7.7 million to an Educational Program in Agriculture in Armenia

On December 3, Switzerland launched a long-term development project in Armenia which aims to offer Vocational Educational programs in agriculture. The Swiss Development Cooperation has approved an initial budget of USD 7.7 million for this project. To increase the project’s impact and effectiveness, Switzerland cooperates with a wide range of partners: the Government of Armenia, international organizations, the public and private sectors, and academic institutions.Together all these partners will work on mobilizing additional funds for the project. The Vocational Educational Program in Agriculture aims to assist the rural youth in enhancing their theoretical and practical skills, matching market demands, and improving their employment opportunities. The project has a preparatory phase of 9 months and an implementation phase of 8 years and will be implemented in Southern Syunik & Vayots Dzor, as well as some Northern regions.

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