Birthright Armenia was founded in 2003 with the belief that it is every Armenian’s birthright to not only see Armenia, but also experience their homeland via an enriching, hands-on, life-changing experience.

The program provides young Diasporan Armenians between 21 and 32 a financially supported opportunity to connect to their ancestral homeland. Participants commit to at least 30 hours of volunteering per week, they’re given the opportunity to live with a local host family, improve their Armenian language skills, meet and interact with other participants from around the world, travel on an excursion every weekend and gain knowledge and education about the country and culture through various forums and gatherings.

There’s always a need of volunteers in Armenia, ranging from art to science, from architecture to social work and psychology. While living in the diaspora, many do not imagine that their physical presence in Armenia and their daily contributions can make bigger of an impact. One of the frequently asked questions is “but I am a student, can I still be helpful?” The answer is always the same, “anyone can be helpful.”

With Birthright Armenia, young Diasporans meet in Armenia, interact, link up. Some settle down in Armenia, but most return and spread light in their communities.
Our aspiration is to help communicate, to multiply, add a zero to the number of volunteers and their supporters.


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