Ara Oshagan’s “How the World Might Be” Showcased by Tufenkian Gallery Opens in Los Angeles

“How the World Might Be” is a solo show by Los Angeles-based photographer and artist Ara Oshagan, showcased in the Tufenkian Gallery from January 7 to February 5, 2022. Oshagan exhibits four projects, a film, an installation that weave together the artist’s interests in diasporic possibility, legacies of dispossession, and (un)imagined futures. The exhibition’s opening reception will take place on January 15, where Oshagan will launch his book, “Displaced.” The book presents the difficulties of Diasporic memory, displacement, violence, and dispossession, focusing on the Armenian quarter of Bourj Hammoud, Lebanon. The Gulbenkian Foundation has supported the release of this book. The works of Oshagan explore the ambiguities of his identity, highlighting the lives of disrupted and marginalized communities. As such, “How the World Might Be” employs photography, film, collage, and installation to present a multi-disciplinary vision of Diaspora communities. Oshagan’s “Beirut Memory Project,” “Shushi,” and “Artsakh” address the artist’s relationships with each region on multiple levels. He tries to connect historical narratives with the present. The works link the 1915 Catastrophe to the ones still unfolding today.

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