Armath Airborne engineering lab was inaugurated in Martakert, Artsakh

The newly opened Armath Airborne engineering laboratory in Artsakh’s Martakert provides students above the age of 14 the opportunity to learn how to create and control civilian unmanned aerial vehicles. Armath Airborne is a project by the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises in Armenia, launched in cooperation with the association of advanced technology enterprises of Marseille, France.
Davit Lalayan, director of Martakert’s department of education and culture expressed conviction that children will be able to enhance their skills in advanced technologies thanks to the lab. Project leader Sedrak Vardanyan noted “I am sure that the educational process will involve talented children who will swiftly master technological skills and make an accurate professional determination. And by further enhancing their knowledge they will develop and become skilled experts that the economy needs. They will have an important role in science, will succeed in the defence area and contribute to the security of Artsakh.” He added that similar engineering schools will be opened in all towns and cities of the country soon.
The school in Martakert was inaugurated with test flights of UAVs with the participation of the students, symbolizing their willingness to keep the skies peaceful and safe.


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