Armenia pledges results in defence and trade cooperation with India

Armenia and India have recently done a lot of work to develop bilateral cooperation in such key areas as defence and regional security, international communications, transport and tourism, Deputy Foreign Minister of Armenia, Mnatsakan Safaryan, said at the opening of the Yerevan-hosted international conference “Armenia-India: New Stimuli for Millennial Relations” on November 28.
The event was organised by the Armenian Foreign Ministry on the 30th anniversary of relations between the two countries.
Strengthening cooperation with India is one of Armenia’s foreign policy priorities, Safaryan mentioned.
According to Safaryan, in addition to bilateral formats, both countries are actively cooperating on international platforms. Also, several business forums have been organised recently, and new joint projects have been initiated.
Safaryan promised reporters later that concrete results in such areas as defence, trade and communications would be publicised.
Reports from India revealed earlier that the country has signed a significant export order for missiles, rockets and ammunition to Armenia amid Azerbaijan’s latest aggression against the territory of the country. While the value of the contracts has not been revealed, it is estimated that weapons worth over Rs 2,000 crore (approximately $244 million) will be supplied to the country over the coming months.


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