Armenian Assembly & DiasporArm sign MoU for cooperation

September 2022
Yerevan, Armenia – Paris, France

Pleased to announce the start of the cooperation between DiasporArm and Armenian Assembly.

The two NGOs have signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation, coming to mutual interest in implementing initiatives aimed at consolidating the Armenian diaspora, transforming relations between Armenia and the diaspora, preserving the Armenian heritage and developing diaspora ties.

DiasporArm is a French registered non-profit association, aimed at identifying and mobilizing the significant available inactive resources of the Diaspora, creating bridges and interactions among different Diaspora communities and the Homeland, creating wealth through networking.

DiasporArm has established partnership contracts with non-partisan community organizations in different countries, with the objective to pool experiences, methodologies, acquire leverage by going Global, make the Diaspora voice audible and its resources useful for the Homeland.

Armenian Assembly
Armenian Assembly is a non-profit organization for support and implementation of cultural, travel, educational, IT and corporate initiatives in Armenia and diaspora. The organization unites prominent Armenians in the world, with the objective to preserve the national identity and traditions, as well as to foster social entrepreneurship initiatives that will have a positive spill-over impact on the Armenian world.

Since its establishment the NGO has successfully launched and supported more than 35 initiatives in various fields, aimed at consolidating the Armenian nation. Among the projects are Armenia Guide travel and lifestyle platform, development of the unified portal of the Holy Armenian Apostolic Church, organization of “Armenian cultural days” in Moscow (June 2019), ARMONIA educational platform, reconstruction of the consular Department, RA Embassy in Russia in honor of the 300th anniversary of the Lazarev family, duduk class opening at Gnessin State Moscow College, to name a few.


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