Establishing the Diaspora-Armenia dialog

The consequences of the 44-day war of 2020 can be fatal both for Armenia and the Diaspora. To surmount the defeat, the Diaspora is unable to apply its political weight in relation to the discourse with the state of Armenia and with strategic partners; in this case Europe, United States and Russia, says Sarkis Shahinian, the honorary President of the Switzerland-Armenia Association (GSA).

Mr. Shahinian refers to the Diaspora Armenians Round table (DART) held on June 18-19 in Paris, which aims to form a politically neutral entity to develop the above mentioned discourse and our nation’s pressing and other important issues. At the meeting in Paris, where each individual represented only himself, two preferences were fixed: to make the weight of the Diaspora significant in the above mentioned places and to start a real dialogue with the state of Armenia, regardless of who is the head of the government.

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