Repatriation Week: Choosing Armenia

Are you considering moving to Armenia? Is working remotely from Armenia an attractive idea to you? Are you concerned about job prospects? You can find the answers to these questions and more during “Repatriation Week: Choosing Armenia,” a one-week event organized by the Republic of Armenia Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs. The week will take place with both online and offline events from December 13-19. Each day’s online panels will focus on a different Diaspora community and the topics and issues most relevant to that community. Each day will also be conducted in a different language, including Western Armenian, Spanish, French, English and Russian. Check out the Facebook pages for each event:

December 13, online panel in Western Armenian with repatriates from the Middle East

December 14, online panel in Spanish on expanding professional horizons in Armenia

December 15, online panel in French on the quality of life in Armenia

December 16, online panel in Russian on repatriating with family and moving alone

December 17, in-person networking event for young repatriates

December 18, online panel in English on working remotely from Armenia

December 19, holiday gifting event for children of repats

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