The Human cost of Azerbaijan’s illegal blockade of Artsakh

It’s been more than a week, and Artsakh’s population remains under Azerbaijan’s genocidal blockade.
Azerbaijan continues to block the Berdzor (Lachin) Corridor, the only road connecting Artsakh with Armenia and the rest of the World.
120,000 population, 30,000 children, 20,000 elderly, and 9,000 disabled.
No food, medical or energy supplies are being allowed to enter Artsakh.
1 critically ill patient in need of medical care has died,
1 four-month-old baby is in critical condition in intensive care,
11 patients are in intensive care,
4 patients are In critical condition,
10 children are in critical condition in intensive care,
92 patients are receiving inpatient treatment.

It was impossible to transport the critically ill patient that died in Artsakh to Yerevan because Azerbaijan blockaded Artsakh. The patient had undergone hemodialysis for over 15 years and had to be transferred to another medical centre.
Artsakh’s Arevik Hospital Director, Karen Melkumyan, said that already 2 days ago, the 4-month-old child had to be taken to Armenia for treatment. Still, due to the Azerbaijani blockade, they were unable to do so.
“That’s why we began the treatment here, in consultation with our colleagues in Yerevan. Even if the road were to be opened, it is a question of whether or not the child would be able to overcome that distance in this even more severe condition,” mentioned Melkumyan.


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