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Network State implements a project titled “Works on Wikipedia”, which is a part of global Wikipedia. This is a long-term, Panarmenian, unified project that helps all Armenians to get together around one goal, around the struggle for establishing and declaring identity.
The Project consists of: 1. edition 2. translation 3. creation 4. expansion

Works on Wikipedia project brings together individuals and organizations that glorify Armenian civilization, culture, and heritage. About 20 specialists (Armenologist, historian, linguist, musicologist, ethnographer, archaeologist…), 10 active volunteers and 5 organizations joined the project. The project is implemented on Armenian and English wiki platforms.
Devotees of the “Works in Wikipedia” project create, translate and clean up (entering into an information war against the deniers of Armenian civilization) more than 50 articles about Armenian heritage.

Network State will gladly accept your articles in Eastern Armenian, Western Armenian, English and other languages. Volunteers who want to work on the wiki platform are kindly invited by participating in the courses organized by “Armenian Wikipedia”.

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