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How a 1,600-year-old alphabet shaped Armenian identity

As I stood amidst the serene landscape of Alphabet Park near Yerevan, Armenia, I couldn’t help but feel the weight of history surrounding me. The statues representing each letter of the Armenian alphabet stood as silent witnesses to a legacy that spans over 1,600 years. It was here that I began to understand the profound […]

Return of Armenian print heritage: The “Vernatun” project of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia

Tigran Zargaryan, head of the National Academy of Sciences’ Fundamental Scientific Library, discusses the “Repatriation” project. Focusing on preserving Armenian cultural heritage, the library uses “digital repatriation” to create high-quality digital copies of rare materials from diaspora communities. Initiatives include the “Adopt a book” campaign and collaboration with Turkish librarians, resulting in the discovery of […]

Nagorno-Karabakh, an Endangered Armenian Heritage

From December 14 to January 15, at the Place de la Bastille, the Mairie de Paris and L’Œuvre d’Orient present an original exhibition, right at the heart of current events. Against a stunning mountain backdrop, over 1,000 buildings, churches, convents, and khatchkars illustrate the endangered cultural heritage of the Armenian people over almost 2,000 years. […]

Join the “5000 Christmases for Artsakh Armenian Children” Initiative!

Transparent Armenia Charitable Foundation is organizing the “5000 Christmases for Artsakh Armenian children”. How to Participate: Set Up a Gift Box: Place a festive Christmas gift box in your office or designated space for employees and/or visitors to drop off gifts. If needed, the foundation can provide the gift box.Collect Gifts: Gather the gifts from […]

Works on Wikipedia

Network State implements a project titled “Works on Wikipedia”, which is a part of global Wikipedia. This is a long-term, Panarmenian, unified project that helps all Armenians to get together around one goal, around the struggle for establishing and declaring identity.The Project consists of: 1. edition 2. translation 3. creation 4. expansion Works on Wikipedia […]

The Americans Who Witnessed Armenia’s ‘First Republic’

In 1919, American Major General James Harbord led a fact-finding mission to the Caucasus region, specifically Armenia, amid the geopolitical chaos following the collapse of the Ottoman and Russian empires. Harbord’s mission aimed to assess the situation in the region, which was marred by lawlessness, ethnic tensions, and geopolitical uncertainties. His report vividly described the […]

Walt Disney Concert Hall to Present the Music of Aram Khachaturian

The music of Aram Khachaturian will be performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic on Saturday, November 4 and Sunday, November 5 at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. “Dudamel Leads Khachaturian” brings together conductor Gustavo Dudamel and pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet for a program that features Aram Khachaturian’s Armenian folk-infused musical world. The program will consist of […]

We Are Our Mountains

Crafting a masterpiece that captures a nation’s deep bond with its homeland and its people requires an extraordinary level of skill and artistic prowess. One such example of Armenian artistry is the monument titled ‘We Are Our Mountains’ (Մենք ենք, մեր սարերը), deliberately designed without a pedestal as it seamlessly merges with its natural landscape. […]

Enemy forces from Azerbaijan have seized control of Amaras Monastery

Amaras Monastery is located in Sos village, in the Martouni district of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (Artsakh`s historical province Myus Haband). According to the historian Faustus Byuzand (Faustus of Byzantium) the first church of the monastic complex was founded by Gregory the Illuminator. Its construction was finished by his grandson bishop Grigoris who was killed in 338 […]