“Hzor Hayuhiner”: a beautifully illustrated memory game featuring 20 remarkable Armenian women

“Hzor Hayuhiner” is a memory game – the first of its kind – featuring 20 remarkable Armenian women, including scientists, writers, activists, artists, and revolutionaries. It is an entertaining way to educate young Armenians about inspiring female figures in Armenian history.
From the battle of Sartarabad to the defence of Sassoun, from the halls of the Armenian parliament to orphanages in Adana, Armenian women have been at the forefront of national defence, education, innovation, art, music, literature, women’s rights, and philanthropy. They are national heroines, social justice activists, revolutionaries, intellectuals, and the fiercest guardians of our language, culture, and history. Sadly, many of their stories remain largely untold. The goal of this project is to shine a light on these remarkable women, celebrate their accomplishments, and in the process, inspire the next generation to learn more about them.
“Hzor Hayuhiner” will connect school-aged children with inspiring Armenian women who they share a similar ethnic background with. It will encourage parents and teachers to teach about these women in Armenian. By producing engaging and fun content, future generations can be inspired to learn more.
The illustrations are complete, and the next step is printing. The funding goal is to raise $ 7.500. These funds will be used to pay for illustrations and printing costs for 500 copies of the game.



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