Pressure is put on Armenia to join the Union State with Russia and Belarus

Armenia’s Security Council Secretary Armen Grigoryan, in an interview with Public TV, noted:
– The Armenian side expects the opening of the Lachin Corridor as soon as possible. The Corridor is under the control of Russian peacekeepers.
– Azerbaijan is responsible for the crisis, but Russia has an opportunity to resolve the crisis as it is authorised to do so by Statement 09 November 2020.
– By blocking the Lachin Corridor, Azerbaijan wants to destroy the architecture of Statement 09 November 2020, and this should worry Russia.
– Armenia’s joining the Union State (Russia and Belarus) is not on the agenda, though there is intense pressure on Armenia.
– Yerevan has not taken any steps that could lead to a diplomatic crisis between Armenia and Russia. The relations with Russia are contractual, and these treaties do not say that fulfilling obligations depend on whether the relations are perfect at the moment or not. We will continue to expect concrete steps, but if there are none, there will be questions about the reasons.


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