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Tech-Trekking Through Autumn in Armenia: A Guide to Local Tech Events (Part 1)

If you plan to visit Armenia this autumn and if you are interested in meeting local tech community, take into account the following events and to plan accordingly.
September 8-9: DataFest Yerevan 2023, an annual international conference on data science and ML. Everyone working on ML are welcome, there will be 30+ technical talks and no high-level or motivational talks.
September 16-17: Havq contest by Karen Vardanyan Educational Foundation in Lernapat village (Lori region). This is an annual contest of UAVs among schoolchildren and students.
September 23: AI and Education: Scaling the Learning Curve by Tumo. One-day symposium about the challenges and opportunities AI brings to the field of education.
September 29-October 1: Tech Week Vanadzor 2023. Annual event that is held in different regions of Armenia. The goal is to motivate local youth to engage in tech and help local tech teams to grow. Started in 2021 in Stepanakert, held in 2022 in Gyumri. Now it’s Vanadzor’s turn.



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