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The Armenian Artist Who Put Egypt’s Golden Age In The Spotlight

For many in the art world, artist Chant Avedissian is known for his nostalgic stencil paintings of Egypt’s Golden Age. In 2013, his series Icons of the Nile (1991-2010) set a record for the highest price for a piece by a living contemporary Arab artist when it sold for more than $1.5 million at Sotheby’s Doha.
Armenian folkloric dance traditions, the lives of rural Egyptian women, Islamic arts and Egypt’s ancient heritage were among the subjects that the artist captured in painting, photography and costume design. They were the stepping stones for his Icons of the Nile portraits, which he produced in the later decades of his life.
Avedissian’s ensuing collection, amassed over decades, is now the subject of the exhibition Chant Egyptien, on view at ArtTalks in Cairo.
Check out the full report / story on The National News.



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