Development of New Prostheses Using Innovative Technologies

ArmBionics company has developed new prostheses in Armenia via innovative technologies aiming to resolve the issue of physical rehabilitation. Its goal is to create and produce prosthetics for the disabled and amputees.
Many young men lost their limbs in the 2020 war in Karabakh, and the need for these implants grew.
Some Armenians from the diaspora are volunteering at the company. Gabriela Mullukian, a 29-year-old electrical engineer from Uruguay is studying the signals and how to translate them to electrical movements, so that then they move the fingers of the hand.”
24-year-old Manvel Grigoryan sketches the models for different products. He designed a mechanical hand that can open and close. The myoelectric hand is a product that allows several movements thanks to sensors on its surface.
Hayk Kisadur, a mechanical engineer from Germany, says that his participation in the project is significant both to refine his skills and for the prospects to move to Yerevan.
Marina Devtyan, CEO and co-founder of ArmBionics is a 22-year-old medicine student in Yerevan, specializing in neurosciences. She says company is also preparing designs to develop leg models and maybe later on, they could work on smart robotic hands for the kitchen,
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