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Countries at all socioeconomic development levels face, to varying degrees, difficulties in education, employment, retention, and performance of their healthcare workforce. WHO estimates a projected shortfall of 10 million health workers by 2030.

Armenia’s healthcare system is facing a lack of positive reputation.

Armenia, due to its favorable regulatory climate, has the potential to become a pharmaceutical and biotechnology research and development hub in the fight against diseases like Alzheimer’s, and various cancers.

Armenia’s Ministry of Health strategic plan 2023- 2026

The strategy consists of two parts:

Health-related issues aimed at maintaining and improving the health of the population.

More management and leadership of the entire healthcare sector.

  1. Provide a healthy and safe environment for human activity.
  2. Reduce the incidence of non-infectious diseases, premature mortality caused by these diseases, the negative impact of risk factors contributing to the development of non-infectious diseases on health, and to improve mental health.
  3. Reduce the morbidity and mortality caused by infectious diseases.
  4. Improve maternal and child health and reduce infant, child, adolescent and maternal morbidity and mortality.
  5. Reduce infertility and improve women’s reproductive health, improve birth rates.
  6. Ensure effective management of the healthcare system and proportionate use of resources and capacities.
  7. Ensure the provision of quality and effective medical care.
  8. Ensure the reimbursement of the actual costs of the provided medical care and services and the effectiveness of the distribution and planning of financial resources in the healthcare system.


  1. Establish Armenia as a benchmark for excellence in healthcare education, serving as a regional center to train healthcare professionals for both Armenia and other countries.
  2. Upgrade the standards, performance, regulatory framework, and reputation of Armenia’s healthcare sector.
  3. Foster advancements in research and development within Armenia’s pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, among other fields.
  4. Develop a cutting-edge healthcare facility dedicated to medical tourism in Armenia, equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and services. Increase international awareness and foster growth for the Armenian healthcare industry.
  5. Coordinating among healthcare stakeholders to prevent redundancies and foster collaboration in addressing significant tasks and major challenges collectively.


  1. Identify healthcare initiatives carried out by various organizations and institutions operating within Armenia’s health sector and their upcoming projects.
  2. Define the areas where various health related entities have common interests; suggest technical consolidation and strategic partnerships.
  3. Perform cross-checks to ensure that the above projects align with the Ministry of Health’s strategy and address existing gaps.
  4. Evaluate needs and budget for advanced materials, such as endovascular devices, cancer treatments.

The level of success of the plan will depend on the commitment and collaboration of the organizations and institutions involved, as well as effective project management and the availability of necessary resources.


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