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“Wouldn’t you put your successful experience at the service of the State of Armenia?” “Why? Is there anybody who needs my council or to benefit from any experience?”

“Wouldn’t you put your successful experience at the service of the State of Armenia?”
“Why? Is there anybody who needs my council or to benefit from any experience?”
Mr. Patrick Devedjian was replying to my question, during Yerevan Economic Forum in the frame of the 2018 Summit of La Francophonie where we were co-hosts. Mr. Devedjian was the late French Minister of Finance and the president of “Hauts de Seine”, the richest region of France.

Hovel Chenorhokian, Patrick Devedjian, Pierre Akkelian

Despite the enchanting atmosphere resulted from the velvet revolution, we both were clearsighted about the lack of counseling in the consecutive administrations in Armenia. The wake-up from the euphoria has been hard. Now the widespread conviction in Armenia and the Diasporas is that the government of the ROA made some geopolitical maneuvering mistakes in the past three years and continues so, lacking a proper counseling. Distressingly, the current political choices are felt to be limited between either the corrupt or incompetent. Meanwhile, the State of Armenia seems to be going in an uncertain direction as on a tectonic plate.
It is high time that the Republic of Armenia calls for the Diaspora competencies in different domains, so far ignored. It is also high time that The Diaspora, the larger and fully-fledged part of the Armenian Nation gets together and takes its responsibilities.

Armenia is at crossroads faced with the pressing challenge of crucial negotiations. It is of primordial importance to act in wisdom considering the challenges ahead and with the suppleness necessary in the fluctuating regional geopolitical context.

With the concern of consolidating the state of Armenia in these negotiations, I suggest forming a think tank composed of individuals from Armenia and the Diasporas, all respected, capable and selfless independent thinkers, all respectful to the constitution of Armenia, having in concern maintaining the state of law and democracy, to set road maps and become part of an advisory board to the government.

The think tank could suggest the forming of different task forces to define road maps in areas such as:

1. The Constitution and laws with the mission to:

a. revise the constitution
b. consider possibly proportional elections and new party rules,
c. allow possibly Diaspora Armenians nationality with the right to vote and be elected.

Election dates should be set in a delay which would allow the emerging of new forces other than those involved in the past and present administrations.

2. Education / Civic Culture
3. Economic development
4. The national military industrial complex
5. Foreign policy
6. Administration – improving the performance
7. Resettlement

By its nature and character of its participants, the above initiative will inspire confidence, reinforce the state of Armenia, and contribute in putting it on a right track. Indeed, “Where there is no counsel the people fall, but there is salvation in the multitude of counselors”.*

By the present, I call upon the Prime Minister of Armenia to undertake the forming of the above mentioned think tank, with defined rights and obligations.

I invite upon the Diaspora Political Scientists and Analysts to set the National interests above the partisan and personal, make themselves available for the above mission and suggest a road map for Armenia.

* Proverbs 11 : 14


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