Ladaniva: A Multicultural Band with Roots Around the World

Ladaniva is a multicultural band creating world music with a fresh touch of Armenian folk and other traditional forms, including Balkan, Arabic, and African influences. The band’s work reflects singer Jacqueline Baghdasaryan’s multicultural background of Armenian and Belarussian descent. In France, she met Louis Thomas, a talented multi-instrumentalist, and together they formed Ladaniva in 2019.

The band became famous with the song “Vay Aman” at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.” This song spread joy and brightened up quarantine days through its fresh style and a new approach to world music.

Ladaniva won the Music Moves Europe 2022 Public Choice Award. Currently, they are on tour in France, Belgium, and Portugal with 22 upcoming concerts, the closest one being on June 25 in Pamiers, France.


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