Unlocking the Potential of the Nation

In the wide universe of the Diaspora lies a wealth of talent and opportunity waiting to be tapped into. Yet, the lack of effective networking has been a barrier to harnessing its full potential. That’s why we’re excited to announce an all-important initiative aimed at bridging this gap and empowering our global community: the launch of a comprehensive networking platform.

Our mission is clear: to explore, connect, celebrate, and amplify the impact of individuals, organizations, and enterprises across the Diaspora. Through meticulous mapping and verification efforts, we’re building a centralized hub where you can easily discover and connect with fellow Armenians, institutions, and professionals worldwide. The publicly available data will be accessible online, easily searchable, and sortable by region, sphere, and scale of influence, all on a single platform, in compliance with European Data Privacy laws.

Yet our vision extends further than mere connectivity. Beyond putting a platform of networking, we have undertaken the mission to reach out to the 90-95% of individuals who are currently not engaged in community activities, especially those in regions distant from Diaspora important centers, where there is no leader or teacher. Furthermore, a single, unifying platform will foster solidarity, synergy, and will unlock the full potential of our collective resources for the betterment of Armenians everywhere.

We are grateful for the support of individuals, organizations, and institutions across 68 countries and regions we have targeted, as well as the High Commissioner’s Office and several Ministries in the Republic of Armenia. Yet, the scope of the initiative is immense, requiring dedication and substantial effort. Therefore, we’re seeking dedicated “missionaries” in every corner of the globe to join us in identifying and highlighting deserving individuals and organizations. This mission isn’t just important, it’s essential for the future of our nation and rewarding for those who take part.

Check out the presentation here and if you’re passionate about empowering our Nation, we invite you to join us, by simply clicking here.

Together, we can build a more connected, stronger, global Armenian Nation.


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