Diaspora and Homeland Unite for Common Goals

On May 15th, a meeting, organized by DiasporArm, took place at the office of the Armenian Missionary Association of America, in Yerevan.

Pan-Armenian organizations, including AGBU, AMAA, COAF, FAR, Future Armenian, and Tufenkian Foundation, actively participated in this gathering, openly sharing their perspectives on confronting common challenges together.

The significance of this initial meeting, along with the recognition of the need for collective effort, has inspired us to proceed with planning a second Round Table —an exceptional platform that unites prominent Armenian organizations, enterprises, and individuals from the Diaspora and Homeland.
Through cooperation, coordination, and the pooling of resources, we will advance the interests of Armenia and the Armenian community.

The Round Table is a comprehensive event featuring expert presentations on transformative projects in Education, Economic Development, Healthcare, and Advocacy. These projects will be summarized in concise papers, highlighting prioritization, evaluations, resources, budgets, and timelines.

Acknowledging the complexity and magnitude of these initiatives, the Round Table is committed to facilitating extensive discussions, brainstorming sessions, and collaborations. By fostering an environment of open dialogue, mutual respect, and collective wisdom, we aspire to create a roadmap guiding the Armenian nation towards a prosperous, united, and vibrant future.


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