The watchword is “Together”

Hovel Chenorhokian discusses promoting a sense of national belonging and connecting Armenian diasporas to each other and to Armenia in his interview with CivilNet.

Mr. Chenorhokian tackles the crucial need for the Armenian diaspora to engage with the younger generation by focusing on issues that matter to them, such as social, humanitarian, national, and environmental concerns, and steering clear of divisive political discourses. He emphasizes the transformative role of technology in making democracy more participatory compared to 30 years ago when representatives were elected to make decisions on behalf of the people.

Mr. Chenorhokian stresses that cooperation among individuals and organizations is essential in creating a platform for dialogue, coordination of parallel initiatives, and establishing a common agenda. He highlights the example of the eight Armenian schools in France that lack cooperation, making it difficult to establish a common curriculum.

Promoting a sense of national belonging and connecting diasporas in different countries, both classical and new to each other and to Armenia is crucial. To address these issues, DiasporArm co-organized a two-day meeting in Paris in June 2022, bringing together independent individuals, intellectuals, educators, entrepreneurs, and youth to discuss the diasporas’ challenges and needs.

The meeting resulted in three decisions, to act as a coordinator among organizations rather than becoming another one, to invite experts in various fields to suggest concrete transformative projects in line with the nation’s needs, and a plan to hold a second round table in Yerevan to prioritize projects and involve interested organizations.

Mr. Chenorhokian highlights the importance of inclusivity, with the keyword being “together,” as it is the key to success.

Hovel Chenorhokian                                                                         
April, 2023
Le Raincy, France


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