According to the French French Penal Code, when the territorial integrity of a country is threatened, disloyalty towards the country, its head of state, its government or its institutions deserves the qualification of high treason and a crime. This crime is often associated with that of intelligence with the enemy.

Currently, beyond the “territorial integrity” the existence of our state is threatened. The sword of Damocles hanging over Armenia’s head obliges us to set aside any differences, mobilize all our resources and make them available for the homeland.

The following priorities should be addressed among others:

Security of Armenia
1. Identify endangered villages, inspire faith and support the people
2. Make defense materials and survival knowhow available to households
3. Provide human resources to project, manage coordination and logistics

Strategic diplomacy
Armenia can be considered as a point of contention or a valuable crossroad, depending on how we present it. On one hand, Turkey, Azerbaijan and probably Russia covet a road crossing Armenia, on the other hand, India and Iran would like to have access to the black sea and Europe through Armenia and Georgia, bypassing Turkey.
We should
1. Develop compelling arguments customized for specific stakeholders, who can benefit from a neutral Armenia, who can provide economic benefits and be a trusted mediator of peace
2. Prospect companies who will be partners in implementation of economic initiatives for the benefit of their home countries.

The above-mentioned objectives require different competences, to which Diaspora can bring a significant contribution.
Our objective is to ensure the safety and security of our people by making sure we keep full sovereignty of our territory and ensure the safety and self-determination of the people of Artsakh.

In a second phase, upgrading the efficiency of the Administration of Armenia should be addressed.
While the pay gap between the private and public sectors evidently hinders from recruiting qualified public servants, the malfunctions of the administration can be resolved by the implementation of an organization model and training.

We cannot allow ourselves the luxury of divisions. We should get together, make all our resources available and present concrete solutions with the force of unity for cooperation with the homeland.

Hovel Chenorhokian                                                                                           
October 03, 2022
Le Raincy, France


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