Leaders are rare elements.
Leaders of the caliber of Mahatma Gandhi, Charles De Gaulles, Nelson Mandela happen once in centuries in a Nation’s history.
Leaders determine destiny.
Without Theodor Herzl, the State of Israel would have not existed.
Without Avetis Aharonian, Aram Manoukian, Hovhannes Katchaznouni and a few others who took the initiative of constituting the first Republic of Armenia, we would not have had a State and been subject to the same fate as the Kurds or Assyrians.

DiasporArm serves as an incubator for leadership, aims to reveal and federate like-minded, independent thinkers, ones who have had the wisdom to stay above divisions, ones with vision and strategy, who beyond words are inclusive in deeds.
Our aim is to gather such individuals, galvanize the polarized and fragmented Diaspora, to form a hard core, a strong locomotive that once it moves, many join, to have an impact, to make its voice audible, to pool together all non-profit, non-partisan organizations to enhance efforts.
“In the beginning was the Word”
Hereafter the first of a series of guiding Views and Opinions which have a constitutive character for the Nation; the Homeland and the Diasporas.

Could Armenians Remain a Global Nation with a Broken Homeland?

By Doctor Hratch Tchilingirian

This article discusses key Armenian institutional issues in a global perspective. It argues that Armenian collective life bears the shackles of at least three factors: (a) the past, (b) lack of a “national philosophy”, and (c) transformative leadership. It then suggests ways to building consensus around national issues and finding solutions by bringing three categories of people together: Thinkers (intellectuals, academics, professionals, activists); Doers (elected or appointed executives of organizations) and Makers (visionary individuals who have or control considerable financial and organizational resources).

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If We Want to Maintain Our Statehood, We Need To Strengthen the Diaspora in Armenia

By Tigrane Yegavian

The survival of the Armenian nation is conditioned by the direct involvement of the Diaspora in the political, social and cultural life of Armenia.

The Armenian elites should make a revolution of thinking, pushing the Armenians of the Diaspora to get involved in and strengthen this state.

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Situation, Opportunities, Organization

By Vartan Kaprielian

The Diaspora embodies power and represents a value which, however, is unorganized, mostly unused and unrevealed by the Armenian political leadership.

How is it possible to revitalize and modernize the Diaspora in parallel to shaping and establishing our pro-state and pan-Armenian way of thinking, thus putting it at the service of factual strengthening of Armenia, the Diaspora itself and establishing of a horizontal inter-Diaspora cooperation?

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The Call

By Hovel Chenorhokian

The Armenian Diaspora, which includes 75-80% of the Nation’s souls and about 98% (Considering the size and GDP per community) of its economic power, is scattered throughout the world, with Armenians adapted to different cultures and languages of their respective host countries.

DiasporArm is aimed at establishing a global, well financed organization, emanating from the people, which will coordinate the Diaspora strategy and actions, make use of the significant available inactive resources, support new initiatives and optimize existing efforts.

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Recalibrating Leadership and Legitimacy in the Armenian Diaspora

By Doctor Antranig Kasbarian

What is leadership, what does it represent, and how is it determined as such?

Historically, leadership and legitimacy belonged, for the most part, to the political parties and their affiliates. Since the 1990s’ affluent entrepreneurs appeared as the new leaders, who rather than writing checks to those in charge, contributed further than financially with their expertise and structures. They set up in the Homeland, aiding civil society groups, promoting education and creativity, investing in those seeking to improve themselves and their living conditions across Armenia.

Some elitist entrepreneurs exclude those who do not “have”, including intellectuals, who shape society’s thinking and have a crucial role in the building of the Nation. The result increasingly is a ‘pay to play’ environment, which runs counter to the longstanding ethos and practices of our communities.

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